Abstract submission



How to use the Abstract Submission System
After providing your contact details and reading the system instructions follow these steps descript below to successfully submit an abstract. You may create and edit abstracts by login in to the system.

Login and Contact Details
In order to submit abstracts, a user has to log into the system using a valid account. Various fields of the contact information (e.g., names, email address, institute etc.) are mandatory fields to provide.

Be sure to provide a valid email address.

Add an Abstract
The Abstract Submission Page is the central repository of your abstract(s), where a user may create and modify an abstract. To create a new abstract, click on ADD AN ABSTRACT. Existing abstracts are listed and may be edited and deleted from this central repository by clicking on the corresponding icons.

After choosing ADD AN ABSTRACT on the Abstract Overview Page an empty abstract page is displayed.

The following fields have to be provided:

  • Abstract Title
  • Abstract Text
  • Topic
  • Presentation Preference
  • Keywords

To proceed from the Abstract page to the author page, click on the co-author(s) menu.

To add a new author for the abstract, click the NEW AUTHOR button. Provide the necessary data for all authors of the abstract. After providing all the information press continue. Please repeat for other authors.

Follow the description on the website to select the presenting author.

Submit your Abstract
Once you have finished working on your abstract, you have to finally submit your abstract in order to have the abstract reviewed by the programme committee. We have extended the deadline for submission due to earlier technical problems that caused the website to be not available during the weekend. The deadline to submit your abstract is May 1st, 2017.

You cannot modify your abstract after it has been successfully submitted! So do not submit the abstract while you are still working on it.
After submission please contact Ms. Sharon de Puijsselaar for small changes in your abstract (sharon@gcb.nl).

To submit your abstract, all required sections of the abstract have to be provided (category, title, text, authors/presenting authors.)