Sun, 9 Jun 2019 to Wed, 12 Jun 2019

This international conference covers the main aspects of the science of materials and devices that are paving the road towards the highly efficient, stable organic and organic-inorganic hybrid solar cells necessary for mass production; Contributions concerning materials synthesis, photophysics, device physics, modeling and any related issues will be discussed.

This conference is sponsored by the University of Groningen, therefore we can offer very low participation fees.
Students can subscribe for € 200 and other participants for € 350.

We aim to have all our food & drinks arrangements eco-friendly, using products from within the region and mostly organic!


Online registration is closed, but you can still register on site.


Invited Speakers: Albert Polman (AMOLF), Michael Grätzel (EPFL), Benjamin Schwartz (UCLA), Emily Weiss (Northwestern), Elisa Molinari (Modena), Annabella Selloni (Princeton), Aldo di Carlo (Rome), Peter Bäuerle (Ulm), Liming Ding (NCNST), Andries Meijerink (Utrecht), Christoph Brabec (Erlangen), Sjoerd Hoogland (QDSolar).


Scientific Organizers: Ryan Chiechi, Maria A. Loi, Remco Havenith, Jan Anton Koster, Kees Hummelen

Local Organizers: Ryan Chiechi, Maria A. Loi, Kees Hummelen